Going Beyond Lean Startup

Taking the Pain Out of the Startup Process

beyond lean startup

How we help entrepreneurs:

  • eBook: How to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes startups make
  • Get to market faster
  • Get to market cheaper
  • Adapt to better fit for your customer’s needs
  • Learn to build a durable company that makes money
  • Simplified & practical – no more fancy jargon
  • Best-of-class tools we use with our clients everyday

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Avoid the Pain of a Business Plan

In most cases they are a waste of time

Most business coaches won’t tell you:

  • Business plans are obsolete as soon as they are developed
  • Business plan generally contain untested assumption
  • Business plans sit in the draw as soon as they are developed

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learn to build a business model

There is a better way!

Business models are the way to go:

  • Business models help you understand how your business makes money
  • Business models keep you on task
  • Business models save you time & money
  • Business models help you understand which partners you should use

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